Studying abroad while staying in a student room or apartment in Antwerp

Studying abroad and looking for a student room in Antwerp (Belgium)? Make your stay worthwhile by renting your student apartment at Studentenkot Antwerpen!
About WAW kot

Studying abroad + student room Antwerp = WAW kot

Studying abroad and renting a student room in Antwerp makes the perfect combination for a lifetime experience and tons of knowledge. Staying in a WAW kot only adds to that experience. Wondering what a WAW kot is? Let's sum up some of its best characteristics.


A WAW kot is located very close to the central train station, close to campuses, nearby trendy restaurants and bars... Having a good sleep before classes has never been this easy. No need to stress over traffic, because public transport is disposable within walking distance. An exciting fact: the one hundred and two WAW student rooms are located in the old Antwerp Water tower.

Private facilities:

While looking for a student apartment in Antwerp, a WAW kot might pop into your options. These student flats are provided with a private shower and toilet, so you don't have to wait in line. Another advantage is the fact that each student room is fully equipped with furniture, such as a bed, a desk, a fridge and so on. Our WAW kot is also foreseen with its own secure connections for digital TV and internet.

General facilities:

Our student apartments are perfect for people with high standards. Our flats will meet the needs you feel when studying abroad and renting a student room in Antwerp.

  • An elevator
  • Washing machine for clothes and dryer on the third floor
  • Bicycle storage in the basement

Why should you study abroad?

Studying abroad broadens your personal view on life. It offers a lot of insights in people and a culture. These insights are only to be experienced, and not to be learned about in books. As the website of International student explains, there are 10 advantages of going into the wide world and studying astray. For example, it is a great way to see the world. You have the opportunity to connect with people with common interests. Through these connections, you could experience your hoste nation as a local. These locals could become lifelong friends.

Studying abroad, and renting a student room in Antwerp
will open doors for you on your future career path.

Studying abroad student apartment Antwerp
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