How much does a student flat, student room or student flats cost in Antwerp?

While looking for a student room to rent in Antwerp, you will certainly have a list with factors that play a role in your decision. Some of these role-playing factors are:

  • The rent of the student room. How much does a student flat cost in Antwerp?
  • The location of the student flat. When located closer to any known campuses or amusing nightlife activities, student flats will be more inviting for students.
  • The interior design is also very important. Is the apartment already furnished? And how spacious is the room?
  • Feeling safe and welcome might be a bit weird in this list. However, feeling at home is necessary to feel at home at your home away from home.

Unlike most student flats, regardless they are based in Antwerp, our student rooms are accessible for wheelchair users.

Cost student room

How much does a student flat cost in Antwerp?

Of course, the price of a student room is the first variable on which you decide to rent a place or not. But, how much does a student flat cost in Antwerp? Let us start by saying that our price depends on the orientation of the student room you would prefer.

The South oriented rooms are equipped with a solar terrace and solar screen, hence the price difference.

  • Student room oriented onto the North: €470 per month
  • Student room, oriented onto the South: €475 per month

Consumption is estimated at  35 euros per month. This covers the utilities. The exact amount is derived by the meter readings.

Furnished student room in Antwerp

Each student flat is located on the third floor of the AWW tower and are accessible by an elevator. The surface of our student apartments varies from 28 until 30 square meters. All our student flats in Antwerp have the same luxurious private and shared facilities:

  • Private facilities
  • Individual shower, bathroom sink and toilet
  • Wardrobe and a bed, equipped with a mattress and mattress protector
  • Desk and bookshelf, chair and a lamp for your desk
  • Fridge
  • Internet connection and a connection for digital TV
  • Shared services
  • Equipped kitchen on each floor
  • Washing machine and dryer for clothes on the third floor
  • Bicycle storage in basement

How much does a student flat cost in Antwerp?
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